rachel & Red

Their story, their favorites, and their mission
statement for your wedding.

Have you ever known that someone other than family would be in your life forever? Maybe it's a high school friend or work buddy. Well, Rachel has known Red from the beginning. Their mothers were college roommates and their families spent every summer vacationing together. Red was a constant support in Rachel's life, so when she decided to pursue her dream and start a wedding photography company, she named it after Red. They weren't even dating at the time! Red was and is Rachel's constant companion, so it just made sense.

Eventually they realized they were meant for each other and are currently engaged with a date TBD after Red finishes law school. Imagine how excited their mothers were when they found out!

Bio Images by Rachel Craig, Christina Bernales, and Rachel Red

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celebrating 16 years

I (Rachel) began my photography journey 16 years ago as a studio portrait photographer with a fashion edge for one of the top studios in the US. That time taught me all about lighting, composition, and how to master my medium of choice - film. When it was time to start my own career 6 years later, I chose weddings because of the timeless aspect to it. These images are meant to be heirlooms, passed down to future generations as a representation of the only eternal truth.  Love. 

My style has evolved over the years into something boldy natural, featuring true to life color with a painterly touch.  Working with antique film cameras has been the greatest level for consistency in my imagery, but true film photographers typically deliver most receptions in grainy black and white because that is the only type of film that will work in that situation.  I think that is a shame because of the energy dedicated to making your wedding reception beautiful. I ultimately gained an appreciation for digital photography during low light conditions and now consider myself a hybrid photographer using each medium as necessary. 

For the last decade, I have had the privilege of working with incredible couples who are madly in love with each other. Yes, I am devoted to my art form, but my greatest joy comes from telling your authentic story in a creative but honest way. I believe wholeheartedly in marriage and hope my career choice assists in remembering a momentous highlight in your journey.

Red's involvement is that of a sounding board for business decisions, contracts, and the Rachel Red brand. He is amazing at what he does and I'm forever grateful for his input. 

Experience matters

a few of our favorites

Exploring Charleston

Red lived in The Holy City while serving in the Navy and Rachel traveled here for weddings often. So when they were given the opportunity to choose where they wanted to start a life together, the choice was pretty clear. Charleston holds a special place in their hearts and they love taking strolls through the historic district, learning about southern architecture, trying new restaurants and enjoying the gorgeous sunny weather.


When Red was in the military, he had the opportunity to travel to exotic places. Greece, Germany, Manama, and more. But he wanted desperately to share these sites with someone he loved. A recent trip to the south of France (more photos on Magnolia Rouge) sparked a renewed desire to see the edges of this beautiful planet.  If you have a favorite travel destination, please share and we'll put it on our bucket list!

The unconditional
love of a dog

Emma is a 10 year old ball-of-energy mini dachshund. And she's all ours! We love this girl like she is our child. She not only thinks she's human, she thinks she’s a princess. Emma loves sniffing eye lashes, giving high fives, making forts with mounds of pillows and blankets and then sleeping in them, wearing ridiculous doggy clothes, and of course posing for the camera. 

Family is everything

I am so lucky to have the family I do. When we get together, they make me feel like I’m a kid again. During our frequent singalongs, we often burst into laughter after all choosing to split into harmonies at the same time. Family will forever and always be invaluable to me, especially my mother, who is the strongest person I've ever met and a constant inspiration for my life choices. Image taken at my brother's wedding after he said "I Do"!

An appreciation
for The Arts

As a music performance major, musicals will always be near and dear to my heart. Half of my CDs (yes, I still listen with CDs) are soundtracks and I consider a visit to NYC without seeing a Broadway show a crime. If you see me driving around town with tears in my eyes, it’s not because I’m sad. It's because I’m listening to Les Miserables. 

Floral Design

If I wasn't a photographer, I would consider studying floral design. I'm inspired by over-the-top statements at weddings and events and truly think that the number one design element that elevates a wedding to a luxury level is flowers. Credit for this tulip masterpiece goes to Lindsay Bishop Events.

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we believe in love

Rachel Red Photography does not discriminate in any way including race, religion, or sexual identity because love is love and should be celebrated in a big way. We are looking forward to working with diverse couples and adding them to our online portfolio, so please do not hesitate to reach out to us. 

core values

love is love

love conquers all

We truly care about you and your wedding day. You are not just a paycheck and we purposefully limit the number of weddings we do every year to be able to give us time to tend to your specific needs. What you say and want matters, so if there is anything keeping you from having the best ever experience we truly want to know. 

A wedding is a celebration of two people coming together in front of friends and family to exclaim "we want to be together forever". This makes our job the best on the planet. We love being there for you and will go above and beyond to make sure you are over the moon for your photography experience. That includes consults with your wedding planner, lighting engineer, and anyone else involved that would like to discuss how to make the most out of your big day.

Love is beautiful