Rachel Red…the history

It’s a blistering -4º here today, so obviously no one is getting their pictures taken outside.  Instead, I’m cozying up in my new office and taking care of my amazing clients in other ways.  I’ve been working on the perfect welcome packet for my 2014 brides-to-be.  I’ve been adjusting, perfecting, going back and forth on what to include for months now.  I think I’m finally happy with it, so I thought I’d share!  Voila.  The perfect welcome to a working relationship with Rachel Red Photography.  The luggage tags are my current favorite, but the silver frame and custom wood USB are sure to be an equally huge hit.  You like??

It seems like only yesterday when I was still dreaming about starting this company.  I remember paying someone a decent amount of money to draw a logo for me.  It took them 2 months and at the end of it…I hated it.  There was nothing wrong with their work, but it didn’t say anything about me, the business I was dreaming of, or even my dream client.  I cried over it, because I’m a girl and we do those things.  In truth, I felt like this was my first real show of who I wanted to be as a business owner.  It had to be perfect.  So instead of paying someone else and starting over, I started doodling in my handy, dandy notebook.  I wasn’t trying to do another logo.  I was just playing around.  Within 30 minutes, this is what I had.

I showed my doodle to Isaac (my boyfriend, whose nickname is…drum role please…Red) and the first words that came out of his mouth was “that should be your logo”.   So the Rachel Red logo was born.  And now you know!
Now that you’ve had a little peak into my story, I’d love to hear from you.  What drives you?  What do you dream of?  What makes your heart pitter patter?  Comment on this post and I might just share your story. Stay warm!  🙂
  1. Kathy Ray says:

    Great story! Thank you for sharing it–I think I’m officially inspired. It’s been so much fun to follow you and your “journey” since Anne and Tony’s wedding. All the best, Rachel. Shine on!

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