The Rachel Red Photography Experience

If you didn’t already know, Red and I are engaged! You can read about the proposal and a little bit of our story on How He Asked, but y’all…don’t judge my hair and dress.  It was over 100 degrees that day and I was sweaty and gross and not expecting photos! haha We are over-the-moon excited to plan a wedding together, but we realized quickly that some wedding vendors considered us just a paycheck. They didn’t care all that much about our long anticipated wedding day. From that moment, we decided to be different and offer an over-the-top wedding photography experience for our clients.  Here’s how we do it:

  1. Curated clientele. A term in the industry for the opposite is a “wedding factory” or “wedding mill”. It means companies are making money with volume and churning through clients for profit. That is simply not our style. We cut our yearly client base in half over the last two years intentionally. It was important to us that each person we worked with could be given the time and attention they deserve. Before sending a contract, we make sure we’ll be a great fit for each other.  I wrote another blog post about finding the perfect wedding photographer here. We would never discriminate, of course, but we have referred out potential clients that have different style or expectations because we want the people we work with to be truly happy!charleston
  2. The client experience website. We have an exclusive website that is password protected and only available to our amazing couples. In it, you’ll find everything from sample photography timelines to style guides for engagement sessions and much, much more. A lot of time and effort went into this site and our brides love it!Cannon Green
  3. Communication. As much or as little as you desire. In my 16 years of experience, I’ve realized that every person is different and should be approached individually for their needs. Some want a phone call once a month to catch up, talk details, brainstorm ideas, and get to know each other. Others want no communication at all and prefer that we speak directly to their wedding planners. While we love getting to know our couples before their wedding day so it’s not an awkward “hello, nice to meet you, I’ll be photographing you all day long” kind of thing, we respect your lifestyle and wishes. Our number one goal is to make you happy, so let’s chat…or not! You will be given a direct number to text or call and we make it our number one priority to answer emails within 24 hours.Rachel Red Photography
  4. Venue walkthrough. There aren’t too many photographers doing this, but I have found that if I do a venue walk through with the planner and lighting designer at some point during the planning process, they are able to ask questions about placement of important things and how lighting will be affected. No one wants to have shadows streaking across their faces during a ceremony, right? By positioning a ceremony site slightly east or west depending on the situation we can avoid that altogether. It’s part of my expertise as light is the number one most important thing about photography, and I’m happy to share that with your planner to make the best of your day.Rachel Red Photography
  5. Automation. We work in conjunction with a really great piece of software that sends automated payment reminders, electronic payment options, electronic signature options, and a place where we can all chat together with your planner. You’ll be able to reference your contract at any time here as well as leave notes about your photography requests.

Our sweet couples agree that the Rachel Red photography experience is exceptional!  Here are a few examples.


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    You are the best! Just perfect!

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