Picture Perfect Candids

Martha Stewart Weddings featured one of my images!  Yes, it’s only one image.  But it’s Martha Stewart!  If you don’t know why this is a big deal, here’s the scoop.  I worked for a wedding photography company for years.  We did high end, sometimes celebrity weddings.  I photographed more weddings than anyone on the team, including the owner.  When it came time to getting published, I can’t tell you how many times my name was left off the credits list.  It was tough to see my work with someone else’s name taking the credit for it, but I learned a lot during that time about business, publications, and even communication skills.  It was a tradeoff.  When it was time to go out on my own, I wasn’t able to take any of my images with me, so I essentially had to start over.  I started Rachel Red Photography in 2012 and one of my business goals was to be published in Martha Stewart Weddings within 5 years.   I honestly did not think it was going to happen, but a girl’s gotta dream right?  When I received the email saying that my image was chosen, I thought it was a mistake at first, but guys…I’m on Martha Stewart Weddings!  Cheers to the first of many features with one of my favorite publications of all time under the name Rachel Ashcraft of Rachel Red Photography.

Rachel Red Photography Featured in Martha Stewart Weddings |

Picture Perfect Candids

Rachel Red Photography Featured in Martha Stewart Weddings | Picture Perfect Candids

Classic Raleigh Wedding

Cheers to this Classic Raleigh Wedding! Though the rain came, the love remained, and it was perfect! Thank you so much to Style Me Pretty for allowing Rachel Red Photography to be featured in this fairytale article! This sophisticated North Carolina wedding will be certain to make you blush!


Rachel Red Photography Featured in Style Me Pretty | Classic Raleigh Wedding

Rachel Red Photography Featured in Style Me Pretty | Classic Raleigh Wedding

The Perfect Day

I think we all have this little thought of how our wedding day should unfold. Everything and everyone should arrive promptly. The Bride and Groom, along with family and friends, should all feel pampered and taken care of. The food should be excellent, the band should be on point, the lighting should be brilliant and on and on. It will be the perfect day.

The truth is, I have never seen such a day. Being a photographer in the wedding industry for roughly 15 years, I can tell you from behind the scenes there is always something small that isn’t perfect on the wedding day, but it can be the perfect day as long as you are focusing on what really matters.

Saying “I Do” should be what drives you to all the little perfections of your wedding details. Now, I understand you want everything to be perfect because it is a reflection of your love for one another, and you desire people to get a sense of your undying love on your day. Unfortunately, no matter how hard we plan or how much we toss and turn at night, it will not allow anyone to feel the love you have for one another. Your love is unique and one of a kind. It can’t be replaced, and at the end of your big day with all the decorations, flowers, lights and dancing, it’s just you and him. It’s just the boy you fell in love with, lying next to the girl he fell in love with. And that is, and always will be, the perfect day.


Photography: Rachel Red Photography

Event Planning: Gather Together

Floral Design: Tre Bella Florist

Wedding Dress: Rivini

Cake: Sugarland

Bridesmaids’ Dresses: Alfred Sung

Catering: Eschelon 

Band: EastCoast Entertainment

Officiant: Rev. Barbara Lodge

Ceremony Music: Arioso Strings

Venue: Merrimon-Wynne House

Bridal Boutique: Fabulous Frocks Bridal

Rentals: Themeworks Creative

Rentals: Party Reflections


Rachel Red Photography is thrilled to have been featured in Once Wed for their article on Vintage Engagement Rings by Victor Barbone! Vintage Engagement Rings are all the rage, with their unique simplicity, interesting design and brushed textures. Every woman loves to dream of an old time romance, which is paired perfectly with the 100% authentic and vintage Victor Barbone engagement rings. Check it out!


Rachel Red Photography Featured in Once Wed

Rachel Red Photography Featured in Once Wed | Vintage Engagement Rings

Vintage Engagement Rings

Photography is such an interesting endeavor in the sense that I always do my best to capture the art behind the subject. Whether that is a gorgeous vintage engagement ring, or a beautiful bride, there is so much to understand about the subject of a photo. I am constantly asking myself and others, where did the inspiration come from, what passions do you have, what makes a memory last for you? With every question, I always receive a different response.

Victor Barbone Jewelry is so unique in the sense that the owner, Andria Rogers, created this company and named it after her Great Grandfather, Victor Barbone, due to his patience and attentiveness to detail. Andria finds these vintage pieces, restores them, and adds them to her collection which makes up the beautiful display of Victor Barbone Jewelry. This company truly is a passage through time. I am so thankful to Once Wed for allowing me the opportunity to be a part of this article. I am truly inspired by the subject.

I met Jess of Carats & Cake last October briefly at the Bliss & Bespoke Workshop and remember wanting to learn so much more about her company.  A few months passed and after chatting with Jacin Fitzgerald about the direction of my business, I decided it was time to take the leap into the luxury wedding market in Charleston…and worldwide.  I’m so excited about my new partnership with this incredible brand and am on pins and needles for what is in store.  If you’d like to see my storefront, you’ll find it here.

Thank you Jess, Blake, and Sasha for getting this beautiful storefront set up for me! You are wonderful and I’m thrilled to be included with the elite associated with Carats & Cake!


I have been itching to share the images from Becca and Cory’s gorgeous wedding day for so long!  They’re being featured today on Elizabeth Anne Designs, a beautiful style blog that features classic, timeless weddings.  This was my first wedding with the incredibly talented Leander of The I Do Scene and I can’t say enough about how wonderful she was to work with. The day was pretty perfect, as you’ll see here!


Becca-Cory-New-Hampshire-Wedding-RachelRedPhotography-869Becca-Cory-New-Hampshire-Wedding-RachelRedPhotography-102Becca-Cory-New-Hampshire-Wedding-RachelRedPhotography-103Becca-Cory-New-Hampshire-Wedding-RachelRedPhotography-109Becca-Cory-New-Hampshire-Wedding-RachelRedPhotography-118Becca-Cory-New-Hampshire-Wedding-RachelRedPhotography-119Becca-Cory-New-Hampshire-Wedding-RachelRedPhotography-122Becca-Cory-New-Hampshire-Wedding-RachelRedPhotography-142Becca-Cory-New-Hampshire-Wedding-RachelRedPhotography-143Becca-Cory-New-Hampshire-Wedding-RachelRedPhotography-147Becca-Cory-New-Hampshire-Wedding-RachelRedPhotography-181Becca-Cory-New-Hampshire-Wedding-RachelRedPhotography-185Becca-Cory-New-Hampshire-Wedding-RachelRedPhotography-187Becca-Cory-New-Hampshire-Wedding-RachelRedPhotography-191Becca-Cory-New-Hampshire-Wedding-RachelRedPhotography-195Becca-Cory-New-Hampshire-Wedding-RachelRedPhotography-198Becca-Cory-New-Hampshire-Wedding-RachelRedPhotography-202Becca-Cory-New-Hampshire-Wedding-RachelRedPhotography-205Becca-Cory-New-Hampshire-Wedding-RachelRedPhotography-208Becca-Cory-New-Hampshire-Wedding-RachelRedPhotography-212Becca-Cory-New-Hampshire-Wedding-RachelRedPhotography-213Becca-Cory-New-Hampshire-Wedding-RachelRedPhotography-219Becca-Cory-New-Hampshire-Wedding-RachelRedPhotography-242Becca-Cory-New-Hampshire-Wedding-RachelRedPhotography-248Becca-Cory-New-Hampshire-Wedding-RachelRedPhotography-249Becca-Cory-New-Hampshire-Wedding-RachelRedPhotography-253Becca-Cory-New-Hampshire-Wedding-RachelRedPhotography-256 copyBecca-Cory-New-Hampshire-Wedding-RachelRedPhotography-259Becca-Cory-New-Hampshire-Wedding-RachelRedPhotography-261Becca-Cory-New-Hampshire-Wedding-RachelRedPhotography-262Becca-Cory-New-Hampshire-Wedding-RachelRedPhotography-270Becca-Cory-New-Hampshire-Wedding-RachelRedPhotography-303Becca-Cory-New-Hampshire-Wedding-RachelRedPhotography-313Becca-Cory-New-Hampshire-Wedding-RachelRedPhotography-330Becca-Cory-New-Hampshire-Wedding-RachelRedPhotography-331Becca-Cory-New-Hampshire-Wedding-RachelRedPhotography-344Becca-Cory-New-Hampshire-Wedding-RachelRedPhotography-388Becca-Cory-New-Hampshire-Wedding-RachelRedPhotography-394Becca-Cory-New-Hampshire-Wedding-RachelRedPhotography-399Becca-Cory-New-Hampshire-Wedding-RachelRedPhotography-400Becca-Cory-New-Hampshire-Wedding-RachelRedPhotography-403Becca-Cory-New-Hampshire-Wedding-RachelRedPhotography-406Becca-Cory-New-Hampshire-Wedding-RachelRedPhotography-415Becca-Cory-New-Hampshire-Wedding-RachelRedPhotography-436Becca-Cory-New-Hampshire-Wedding-RachelRedPhotography-439Becca-Cory-New-Hampshire-Wedding-RachelRedPhotography-447Becca-Cory-New-Hampshire-Wedding-RachelRedPhotography-450Becca-Cory-New-Hampshire-Wedding-RachelRedPhotography-463Becca-Cory-New-Hampshire-Wedding-RachelRedPhotography-475Becca-Cory-New-Hampshire-Wedding-RachelRedPhotography-495Becca-Cory-New-Hampshire-Wedding-RachelRedPhotography-554Becca-Cory-New-Hampshire-Wedding-RachelRedPhotography-569Becca-Cory-New-Hampshire-Wedding-RachelRedPhotography-570Becca-Cory-New-Hampshire-Wedding-RachelRedPhotography-578Becca-Cory-New-Hampshire-Wedding-RachelRedPhotography-586Becca-Cory-New-Hampshire-Wedding-RachelRedPhotography-596Becca-Cory-New-Hampshire-Wedding-RachelRedPhotography-597Becca-Cory-New-Hampshire-Wedding-RachelRedPhotography-614Becca-Cory-New-Hampshire-Wedding-RachelRedPhotography-617Becca-Cory-New-Hampshire-Wedding-RachelRedPhotography-619Becca-Cory-New-Hampshire-Wedding-RachelRedPhotography-620Becca-Cory-New-Hampshire-Wedding-RachelRedPhotography-625Becca-Cory-New-Hampshire-Wedding-RachelRedPhotography-639Becca-Cory-New-Hampshire-Wedding-RachelRedPhotography-642Becca-Cory-New-Hampshire-Wedding-RachelRedPhotography-678Becca-Cory-New-Hampshire-Wedding-RachelRedPhotography-685Becca-Cory-New-Hampshire-Wedding-RachelRedPhotography-694Becca-Cory-New-Hampshire-Wedding-RachelRedPhotography-724Becca-Cory-New-Hampshire-Wedding-RachelRedPhotography-725Becca-Cory-New-Hampshire-Wedding-RachelRedPhotography-726Becca-Cory-New-Hampshire-Wedding-RachelRedPhotography-738Becca-Cory-New-Hampshire-Wedding-RachelRedPhotography-747Becca-Cory-New-Hampshire-Wedding-RachelRedPhotography-752Becca-Cory-New-Hampshire-Wedding-RachelRedPhotography-765Becca-Cory-New-Hampshire-Wedding-RachelRedPhotography-774Becca-Cory-New-Hampshire-Wedding-RachelRedPhotography-789Becca-Cory-New-Hampshire-Wedding-RachelRedPhotography-806Becca-Cory-New-Hampshire-Wedding-RachelRedPhotography-824Becca-Cory-New-Hampshire-Wedding-RachelRedPhotography-837Becca-Cory-New-Hampshire-Wedding-RachelRedPhotography-841Becca-Cory-New-Hampshire-Wedding-RachelRedPhotography-843Becca-Cory-New-Hampshire-Wedding-RachelRedPhotography-845Becca-Cory-New-Hampshire-Wedding-RachelRedPhotography-848Becca-Cory-New-Hampshire-Wedding-RachelRedPhotography-855Becca-Cory-New-Hampshire-Wedding-RachelRedPhotography-858Becca-Cory-New-Hampshire-Wedding-RachelRedPhotography-865Becca-Cory-New-Hampshire-Wedding-RachelRedPhotography-873Becca-Cory-New-Hampshire-Wedding-RachelRedPhotography-878Becca-Cory-New-Hampshire-Wedding-RachelRedPhotography-898Becca-Cory-New-Hampshire-Wedding-RachelRedPhotography-905Becca-Cory-New-Hampshire-Wedding-RachelRedPhotography-913Becca-Cory-New-Hampshire-Wedding-RachelRedPhotography-914Becca-Cory-New-Hampshire-Wedding-RachelRedPhotography-920Becca-Cory-New-Hampshire-Wedding-RachelRedPhotography-923Becca-Cory-New-Hampshire-Wedding-RachelRedPhotography-936Becca-Cory-New-Hampshire-Wedding-RachelRedPhotography-949Becca-Cory-New-Hampshire-Wedding-RachelRedPhotography-954Becca-Cory-New-Hampshire-Wedding-RachelRedPhotography-983Becca-Cory-New-Hampshire-Wedding-RachelRedPhotography-987Becca-Cory-New-Hampshire-Wedding-RachelRedPhotography-990Becca-Cory-New-Hampshire-Wedding-RachelRedPhotography-999Becca-Cory-New-Hampshire-Wedding-RachelRedPhotography-1001Becca-Cory-New-Hampshire-Wedding-RachelRedPhotography-1005

The incredible creative team:

Event Design/Coordination – The I Do Scene

Photography – Rachel Red Photography

Videography – MW Chavez

Cake – Topsfield Bake Shop

Hair – Bridgette Bonenfant

Makeup – Kacie Corbelle

Transportation – Seacoast Trolley

DJ – Scott Benowicz

Venue – Wentworth by the Sea Country Club

Musicians – Anima