Website and Blog Update

You may have already noticed that I’ve been quietly making changes to my blog and website, but if not you should definitely check it out.  Rachel Red Photography got a little face lift and is now filled with current photos, all new press features, customer reviews, and a brand new About page.  I loved my old site, but the new one reflects the direction I’d like to take my business and a bit more of my clean and sophisticated, yet casual branding style.  I absolutely could not have done this without my beautiful and talented sister, Joy, who took the lead on the design and implementation!  She learned how to do website design on the fly (so smart) and made it look 100x better than I ever thought possible.  Thank you, Joy, for letting me be so picky and bringing my vision to life!  Love you! xo  Also, Rachael Earl of Earl and Layne helped me so much with my blog configuration – thanks Rachael!Rachel Red Photography Website

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