Katy + Rob . Destin Florida Wedding Proposal

Rob contacted me last October.  He said he met the girl of his dreams and wanted to put together a really special proposal for her on Easter Sunday.  I could sense his excitement through that email.  He had almost every detail planned out down to the minute and wanted me to photograph the whole thing.  How could I refuse?  I couldn’t.  It was an absolute magical evening on the gulf coast – one that I will never forget.

Rob’s plan was to have me stationed on the beach taking pictures of passersby and the local scenery.  He would bring Katy out for their nightly walk on the beach, see me, and ask me if I could take a picture of them if he bought my memory card.  I would of course oblige, take a few shots, set up a specific image with him behind her so that he can take the ring out and take a knee…and then capture the moment.  It was a foolproof plan as long as Katy didn’t figure out we knew each other from six months of correspondence.  The day was cold and cloudy.  Of course I bring the bad weather from up north. 😉  But nothing was going to stop Rob’s plans.  So at precisely the right time, I went out to our agreed upon spot on the beach and waited.  

 I have to admit.  My heart skipped a beat when I saw them walking.  I was so excited for Katy, a tiny bit nervous for Robert, and exhilarated to be photographing this monumental moment.  This is the first shot I took of them as they walked toward my spot on the beach.  They told me later that they were looking at some dolphins just a few hundred feet from the shore.

 The next few moments were a total blur.  I took a few photos of the couple as planned.  Rob was shaking just a little from excitement.  Katy was shocked.  I was tearing up.  It was one of my favorite moments as a photographer.  Katy said yes before Rob finished his speech.  That was my favorite part.

 I let Rob and Katy take a few moments alone to talk while I grabbed a quick ring shot.  We then decided to get together again when the sun was shining for a second session of the newly engaged couple.  If that  wasn’t exciting enough, they asked me to join them for dinner to celebrate!  That evening was wonderful.  They really are the sweetest couple.  Rob said something to me that will stay with me for a long time.  He said “I know starting a business is difficult, but I really hope you make it and go far with this.  This is what you should be doing.”  I tend to agree, but getting confirmation from amazing people like this couple is exactly what I needed at that moment.  Thanks so much for that, Rob.

 My view from the balcony.

 Katy’s eyes are ga-ga-gorgeous.  Crystal clear and just beautiful!

 This is one of my favorite images.  The seagulls got a quick snack to entice them over to us before Katy and Rob ran through them.

Katy and Rob, I can’t thank you enough.  You treated me like family while I was there.  I had the best time and do hope you’ll stay in touch!  I want to hear all about your wedding plans!  
  1. Tami says:

    I was so excited to view these photos as you told their story. I smiled, had tears of joy and thought this special life event was captured beautifully. We are so blessed to have met Rachel in Charlotte, NC. You continue to amaze me, we love you from the Palmer family

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