Reid, the southern cutie pie . Charlotte North Carolina Family Photographer

Reid was the sweetest little subject.  He was shy at first, but as soon as his mom handed him a baseball it was smooth sailing.  That kid had great form, by the way!  It probably helped that his dad was a baseball coach, but still. ๐Ÿ™‚  I photographed Reid’s parents’ wedding a few years back and was delighted when they asked me to capture a few shots of their cute-as-apple-pie little addition to the family.

These are some of my favorites from their mini-session during my recent trip to North Carolina.  Just look at those cheeks!

Jessica, don’t shoot me for including that last image!  I know you said you weren’t ready for photos, but you are one GORGEOUS mom!!  It was wonderful seeing you again.

  1. Masao Okano says:

    Great colors and the pitch series is so cute!

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